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Renae Cruz, TJ Cummings

Renae Cruz, TJ Cummings

Renae Cruz would have to be the most beautiful woman we have ever had the pleasure of binding in our rope. She admits early on that she has an unquenchable need to please men in her life and never says no to their requests. TJ expertly takes Renae on an S&M journey where she is taught to beg for cock and is rewarded with orgasms, rough bondage sex, and hot candle wax play. In an elbows-together hogtie she must struggle against the rope to give a blowjob before being bound with her legs open for sex. In doggy, Renae admits to being a fuckdoll and TJ swaps between fucking and flogging before ordering this perfect slave to swallow his cum.
Wow she is so hot it almost makes up for last weeks fat pig!

-- dexter1220

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